!2016-08 – August 2016 – Show & Tell

Some more lovely Show & Tell AND a great Chicken Barbecue Dinner!!

IMG_8768 IMG_8769 IMG_8770 IMG_8771 IMG_8772 IMG_8773 IMG_8774 IMG_8775 IMG_8776 IMG_8777 IMG_8778 IMG_8779 IMG_8780 IMG_8781 IMG_8783 IMG_8784 IMG_8785 IMG_8786 IMG_8787 IMG_8788 IMG_8789

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2 Responses to !2016-08 – August 2016 – Show & Tell

  1. Maggie Bauer says:

    Such beautiful quilts at this month’s show and tell. Thank you all for letting us see your fine work!

  2. Marilyn Shade says:

    So beautiful, thanks everyone for sharing their labors of love. Anita, wonderful job on the raffle quilt! Happy to see it completed.

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