2016-11 November Show & Tell

Our final meeting of the year was a great wrap-up to a very fun and productive 2016.  Our UFO project was a great success and we should have some wonderful entries to display at our April 2017 Miamisburg Quilt Show. We had a brief review of what our 2017  meetings will hold for us.  The final annual agenda, as always, will be published on our blog as soon as it is finalized.  Here is our November Show & Tell

img_8854 img_8855 img_8856 img_8857 img_8858 img_8859 img_8860 img_8870 img_8871 img_8872


img_8861 img_8863 img_8864 img_8865 img_8866 img_8867 img_8868 img_8869 img_8874 img_8875 img_8876 img_8877 img_8878 img_8879 img_8880 img_8881 img_8882 img_8883