2015-02 February Show & Tell

We finally were able to venture out back to our Quilt Club!  And we had some very nice Show & Tell and also a great program by Sharon Holland to encourage all of us to submit our ideas and projects to various quilting publications.  Sharon had some great hints and tips so we can all see our name in “lights” someday!  Then the Miamisburg Quilt Show committee filled us in on all the details and preparations for our quilt show to be held the last weekend in April, Friday April 24 and Saturday April 25, 2015 at the Miamisburg First Church of God at 446 N. Heincke.

Show and Tell Below

Feb 2015 quilt club 002 Feb 2015 quilt club 003 Feb 2015 quilt club 004 Feb 2015 quilt club 005 Feb 2015 quilt club 006 Feb 2015 quilt club 007 Feb 2015 quilt club 008 Feb 2015 quilt club 009 Feb 2015 quilt club 010 Feb 2015 quilt club 012


Feb 2015 quilt club 001



















































A new block drawing started and next month it will be a 4 patch block made from 4 – 5 inch squares.  A drawing will be held and here is a picture of Anita’s quilt made with the 4 patch 5 inch blocks!  Great quilt for a simple block.  She just added the sashing and the cornerstones for the finished quilt.


Feb 2015 quilt club 011

Feb 2015 quilt club 014

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