As I was meandering around the net . . .

I found this posting on the subject of “gifting of quilts”.  Something that I believe most of us have done once or twice?  I think this article just might strike a chord with some of our followers.  I contacted the author for permission to link to her site.  Below is Dana Jo’s enthusiastic reply.  I hope you too enjoy her posting.

Dana Jo on Gifting a Quilt

Dana’s Response:  I’d be thrilled for you to share a link to the blog anywhere you like.  This particular post seems to have hit a nerve–which validates my feelings on the subject as well.  I’m stunned at how many people have left supportive comments in agreement.

I think it’s giving a lot of quilters a little bit of happiness, so by all means–share away.  🙂
Thanks again,
-Dana Jo
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2 Responses to As I was meandering around the net . . .

  1. Marilyn Allen says:

    How wonderful. She says it all, so well. Makes me want to tuck a copy in with the quilts I give.

  2. Joan McCaffrey says:

    Very well said… quilts are truly a labor of love!!!

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