2014-11 November Show & Tell

Busy Meeting and lots and Show & Tell.  Thanks to all for sharing and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

20141106_193438_resized 20141106_193450_resized 20141106_193538_resized 20141106_193859_resized 20141106_193914_resized 20141106_193936_resized 20141106_194208_resized 20141106_194222_resized 20141106_194240_resized 20141106_194313_resized 20141106_194411_resized 20141106_194426_resized 20141106_194455_resized 20141106_194630_resized 20141106_194642_resized 20141106_194654_resized Craft Tabel3 Craft Table1 Craft Table2 Nov 2014 quilt club 057 Nov 2014 quilt club 058 Nov 2014 quilt club 059 Nov 2014 quilt club 060



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