2013-07 July Show & Tell

We had a good group  at our July meeting even with the expected summer vacations scheduled by many.  And those that were at the meeting have been very busy with their stitching!    As a reminder, for those  of you who wish to make quilts for the neonatal unit at Southview Hospital, Maggie will have donated fabric available for you  and a sign-up sheet if you wish to complete a 45 inch square baby quilt.  Of course the smaller bereavement size quilt is also suggested along with the ever popular snoodles!!


Our program, Christmas in July was presented by Eileen.  She showed us how to make some very unique Christmas napkins and even a version of a very very tiny napkin that could be used as an earring??

ChristmasJuly ChristmasJuly (2) ChristmasJuly (3) ChristmasJuly (4)

Now to  the wonderful  show and tell.  Marie’s project might need an explanation.  It is an Iron Caddy that doubles as a pressing mat.  And Molly’s pillow was made with some heirloom crochet doilies as a ruffle trim.

july 2013 002 july 2013 004 july 2013 005 july 2013 007 july 2013 008 july 2013 009 july 2013 010 july 2013 011 july 2013 012 july 2013 014 july 2013 015 july 2013 016 july 2013 017 july 2013 018 july 2013 019 july 2013 020 july 2013 022 july 2013 023

And aren’t Connie’s pics coming out so nice – now that we actually prepare for the photo!!


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