2013-05 May Show & Tell

We had a great time at the Miamisburg Quilt Show and survived to tell the stories!!  This year we had the best attendance ever and we also had more vendors than previous years.  Below are our member show and tell projects.  The last pic represents a question from a member, which of course was answered by one of our very knowledgeable members.    Question:  The pieces came from an experienced quilter, so what quilt block pattern could these two different shapes represent??  Answer:  None  – they are scraps from an Hawaiian clothing manufacturer!!  And remember you can always click on a pic to see a larger view.

Thanks again for all the lovely show and tell  –  keep ’em coming!  Remember we will need more quilts next year.

May 2013 001 May 2013 002 May 2013 004 May 2013 005 May 2013 006 May 2013 007 May 2013 008 May 2013 009 May 2013 010 May 2013 011 May 2013 012


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