2013-03 March Show & Tell

We had a great program given by Lisa, the owner of Bernina on Main Street.  We were reminded that we do not require a passport  to visit North Main Street!  She gave us all great information on the many new and different types of threads, needles and a demonstration on  how to use Texture Magic.  Lisa also showed us some great samples of how to use Texture Magic.  She was able to give us some hints and tips on the ever popular topic of  Thread Tension

Here is our member Show and Tell

Mar quilt club 015 Mar quilt club 016 Mar quilt club 017 Mar quilt club 018 Mar quilt club 019 Mar quilt club 020 Mar quilt club 021 Mar quilt club 022 Mar quilt club 023 Mar quilt club 024 Mar quilt club 025 Mar quilt club 027 Mar quilt club 028 Mar quilt club 029 Mar quilt club 030

Elaine Miller Padacuh Entry

Elaine Miller Paducah Entry

Mar quilt club 033


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