2013-01 January Show & Tell

While it was quite chilly here our quilters showed up with some great Show & Tell.  Joan Cole presented our program which was an apron I can actually use!!  That would NOT be an apron for the kitchen.  This was an apron for the sewing machine.  Very handy and easy to make tool to keep us a bit better organized in the sewing room.  Thanks so much Joan.  I have wanted one for some time and I may be motivated to make one now.

We also discussed the details of this year’s Block Exchange.

Block Exchange for 2013

  • Signup Deadline:                    February 2013 Meeting
  • Exchange of Blocks Date:   August 2013 Meeting
  • No exchanges should take place prior to the August exchange meeting.
  • Number of Blocks:  equal to the number of sign-ups in February plus one for the 2014 Raffle Quilt.
  • Pattern:  Dresden Plate applique-  suggested – Egg Money by Eleanor Burns, check the library
  • Colors:  Springtime colors for plate with White on White background block
  • The background block should be cut 15 inches square before applique so that the blocks can be cut to 14  inches after applique for the exchange.  It is intended for the block to be finished in the quilt as a 12 inch block.

Be sure to check out Eileen’s  Christmas wreath for an idea of what the Dresden Plate looks like.

2013-01 mat girls 001 2013-01 mat girls 002 2013-01 mat girls 003 2013-01 mat girls 004 2013-01 mat girls 005 2013-01 mat girls 006 2013-01 mat girls 007 2013-01 mat girls 008 2013-01 mat girls 009 2013-01 mat girls 010 2013-01 mat girls 011 2013-01 mat girls 012 2013-01 mat girls 013 2013-01 mat girls 014


3 Responses to 2013-01 January Show & Tell

  1. Shirley Holbrook says:

    Very good Show and Tell pictures! Thanks Connie and Georgia

  2. Debby says:

    Georgia, what a great job you did on the house-block quilt. Beautiful stitching ! Thanks for doing such a great job. Also thanks for doing the binding. And to Debbie H. for sewing it all together ! Great job girls !!!!!
    Debby Cook

  3. Sandi Phipps says:

    Really fun to see what everyone has done. Good ideas for house block exchange quilt set ups. The quilting was really good on the raffle quilt Georgia. You always do a good job. Sandi

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