Update 2012 Block Exchange

Update the final number for participants in this year’s Block Exchange is 20.  Please make one extra block for a total of 21 blocks.  The extra block will be made into a quilt to be raffled at next year’s quilt show.


Thanks to Marilyn and Maggie for their efforts to design and structure our 2012  Block Exchange  –  A Quilters’ Village.   They came up with the wonderful idea of “house” blocks  – that means any kind of house block you would like to make!!  This program was presented at the October Material Girls meeting.  I have included below the documentation for the Block Exchange.  Just remember that if you wish to participate in the exchange, you must sign up by the February 2012 Material Girls meeting and have your blocks completed for the actual exchange at the August 2012 meeting.

We were honored to be asked to plan next year’s block exchange and we set the following goals:

1. Block should be easy enough that no one would be too intimidated to join the fun.

2. Block should be challenging enough to keep advanced quilters from being bored.

3. The final quilt should somehow reflect the warm feeling of this guild and the

wonderful personalities of all of you.

4. (I admit to hoping we’d choose something that would make you want to keep us

around rather than telling us to find a new place to hang out-Maggie)

We decided, then, to create a “Quilters’ Village” and we hope you’ll consider participating and populating the MG Village. The following guidelines will give the details.

Block size: 12 ½ inches square; 12 inches finished. Please err on the larger size for your unfinished block, so that it will finish at 12 inches square

Block design: a house, or some kind of village building structure. This could be a house, cabin, hut, row house, church, fire station, bird house, outhouse, lighthouse, school house, courthouse, or any other building that might fit into our villages.

Method: It can be pieced, appliquéd, or paper pieced.

Suggestions: If the block you want to do doesn’t measure 12 inches, just put borders around it to make the unfinished block 12 ½ inches square. Feel free to decorate your “house” (lace curtains, a flower in yard, or cloud in sky). No specific colors required. Make it fun, and make it as simple, or as complex as you like. Make all your blocks alike, or mix them up. Use cotton quilting fabric. No wonky blocks (buildings cocked at an angle), please.

Signature: A signature would be nice, but make it tiny and put it in some unobvious spot. Make it a treasure hunt to find who did the lovely block!

Resources for blocks: Books (yours or library’s); quilt magazines. Online patterns: http://Quilting.about.com/od/blockofthemonth/ss/house_quilt.htm?p=1; http://www.azpatch.com/bom2002/04apr02/bom02apr.htm; www.free-quilting.com; www.quilterscache.com; www.quiltvile.com; www.hoffmanfabrics.com

Many of the online patterns are free, and Quilter’s Cache, for example, says it is fine to use her patterns for block exchanges and raffle quilts, so you don’t have to worry about copyright as long as you use a free site, or find one in a book yourself. We might be on “shaky ground” if we copy and distribute patterns.

Sign-up date: by the February 2012 meeting

Due date: August meeting, 2012

Marilyn Allen and Maggie Bauer

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