2010-05 May Show and Tell

We had a great meeting this month !!  Diana Bruns brought  some very nice items from her store, The Stitching Nook in Richmond Indiana.  How spoiled are The Material Girls – – –   We have the shop come to us!!  We got to see some beautiful things and some very cool gadgets.  That is what Diana really does well.  She tries them all out and then brings them to us.   Here is a link to her web site and some pics of her treasures.


Now the Material Girls also had some great treasures to show us.


3 Responses to 2010-05 May Show and Tell

  1. Debby Cook says:

    What a great job you are doing! And you have such a great sense of humor!! Do you think you could get a few MORE pictures of my backside or of my EATING ??????? Just kidding- keep up the good work !!!
    Debby(the one with the big butt)

    • Hi Debby
      Thanks for leaving a comment – it’s good to know someone is looking at the blog!! So do you want to leave an entry with a guess at the Shopper Names? We will come up with a good prize for the winner!!

  2. Now we know Connie can stitch very well – what’s with Connie’s bag made by Sandy!!??

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