2010-01 January Show & Tell

Here are the pics from January’s Show ‘n Tell.   Remember, if you want to enlarge a picture, just click on it.  To return to the album of pics, just press your Back Button in your browser window.  Hannah’s Treasure Chest  made  a presentation and many of  our  members will be stitching some blankets or teddy bears.  These items are provided to underprivileged children in the Miami Valley area.  You can learn more at www.hannahstreasure.org

Arrah demonsrated a great tip which was how to make a folding “tv” tray and pad it to become a portable ironing surface for retreats and such and Connie showed her technique for the hexagon quilt  –  hand stitched or machine stitched!!  Several members have started this quilt already.


4 Responses to 2010-01 January Show & Tell

  1. Debby Cook says:

    Georgia, Great job on the raffle quilt ! I love all the feathers and little circles. Thanks again for doing such a good job.

  2. Sandi Phipps says:

    Well Georgia after looking at the site I see you have names and titles. Where was I?????But can you please trim me down a bit,say size 10 or 12? Sandi

    • Sandi – I am trying to get the name of the presenter and also the name of the quilt at the meeting, but sometimes I am just too chatty and not paying attention!! And yes I will get both of us to size 10 or 12 ! ! ! – Gotta love the internet! Thanks for the comment.

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