2009-11 November Show &Tell

Here are our projects from the November meeting which includes our Sun Bonnet Sue Block Exchange quilts!!


8 Responses to 2009-11 November Show &Tell

  1. Sandy Shaffer says:

    Georgia, the photos look much nicer on this site then the old one. I’ll send the photos from last nights meeting today or tomorrow. Thanks for all you are doing.

  2. Shirley holbrook says:

    Everything seems to be coming together. Looks great. Thanks for all your thought and input.

  3. conniebates says:

    Love the blog! I agree w/Sandy about the pics looking better on this site!
    Good job, girl!

  4. Sandi Phipps says:

    Hey Georgia is it possible to title the quilts that are shown? Like what pattern and who the maker is? Too much???Fun to see the quilts again. Sandi

    • Sandi – I am trying to get the name of the presenter and also the name of the quilt at the meeting, but sometimes I am just too chatty and not paying attention!! And yes I will get both of us to size 10 or 12 ! ! ! – Gotta love the internet! Thanks for the comment.

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